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We're still around, we've gotten V2 around 50% completed. We have currently stopped working on this project until we finish another one that recently just got us sponsored. We do plan on finishing it soon, so keep plugging and checking back :)

As most users know blog-plug hasn't had a update in a very long time. We've been working on other projects. We are pleased to announce we have started working on blog-plug V2. Instead of just adding to the existing site, we've decided to just rewrite the whole site. Once we rewrite the whole site, it should fix all the major errors V1 had and give us a better platform to expand on. We wont go into much detail what V2 will have but, we look forward to releasing it in the next month or so! So if you have any suggestion feel free to contact us!

2012 was an amazing year for 2013 will be even better with some great exciting ideas we're working on, but before the holidays start, we at want to wish everyone a safe happy holiday and a new year!

It has been a whole year since has been running and we wanted to thank everyone for supporting the site, Thank you! We have made some changes behind the scenes to make our servers a bit quicker. We are still around and will still continue to update blog-plug. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us. School has started about a month ago so traffic has dropped a bit but it will pick back up shortly.

You can now plug 3x times faster by submitting up to 3 categories per a plug. You can also submit new categories at the same time.

A new feature has been added to It's a interactive multiplayer promo game. The winner of each game will be announced all over the site and your text will become bold and much more to come when you win. We also have some big updates coming on the way the plugs will work and look.

Added a page called "Tumblr Top Blogs", its show the Top 200 most visited blogs on Tumblr. We our still around and working on some big updates.

I have updated a bit of CSS and will will continue to do so in the next few weeks. I'm still working on the interactive way of promoting with each other. Its getting there, I expect if all goes well it will be released in a week or so.

We have had an issue with certain users not being able to load for over a week. The issue was a backbone Internet provider, it has been resolved now. We also will be releasing an interactive way of promoting with each other, more in less like a game in the next few weeks!

The website has been getting attacked at random again for the past few days. All is normal at the moment.
I made some more changes to make the site even quicker. I also had a great idea and will take some time to complete.
The idea I don't want to say yet but I think everyone will like it.

I have updated the online counter to show a little bit more information on the site and it's live. I have also been playing around with jquery for awhile now and plan on making the plugs more different with a lot more information on each plug and much more coming soon!

Made some updates to make the site quicker. I also changed the way the captcha works. You still have to enter the main advance captcha first. Then along the way it will ask you for a simple captcha.

I have changed the way the fan sign show on the main page. If a user is active for that day and has a fan sign picture it will be displayed at random along with other active users fan sign picture.

I have been making minor updates for the past few weeks to improve performance as we do not use Tumblrs API only for the images. I hope to start using the API to add some more features to the plugs. I have added few more categories. I have reworded the page how to add your tumblr to Top Promoters and FAQ. I also fixed a bug on the captcha/follow back.

Updated the captcha so you only have to enter it once. Also the captcha was changed to a more secure one.

Added a section for the blog-plug fans. Allows users to make a fan sign picture of them and be seen all over the site.

Tumblr users that have a custom domain name can use blog-plug fully just like a regular domain name.

I have fixed a bug for the verification code wouldn't refresh for users. The fix at the time was to clear your cache.
Now it should load every time with the real number you have to enter.

blog-plug now supports custom domain names only on the Top Promoters.
I will be adding custom domain support for plugging in the future.

I have added images to the dedicated pluggers section just like top promoters.

The servers are currently up and running now since the attacks on the website.

Started a news section so users can see what's going on with

Blog-Plug V2 coming soon.

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