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How to get more visitors and or followers using tumblrplug.com

  • The number one rule is to follow the rules of tumblrplug.com

  • Make sure you plug your blog in the correct categories.

  • Make sure you have a good description of your blog. A description with random letters and numbers or long words like follow just show who you are and most people will not want to visit or follow you for this reason as it seems you can be a annoying blogger.

  • If you just plug once a day you will more in likely not gain any visitors or followers due to the traffic on tumblrplug.com getting your plug pushed off. That's why it's best to plug your blog in the correct categories they will be up longer. If you plug often on the site that's when you will see visitors/followers start coming in.

  • If you have a link back to tumblrplug.com and someone clicks on it you will get on Top Promoters. Also your text will become bold when you plug for the duration of the visitors you referred to tumblrplug.com.

  • I'm always updating tumblrplug.com finding new ways to get your tumblr out there.

  • Blog-Plug V2 coming soon.

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