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Welcome to, Below are the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is it safe to promote my blog on
Is my account info safe when I plug?
Is scam?
Does Blog-Plug post anything on my account when I plug?
What is the easiest way to gain visitors/followers using Blog-Plug?
What's the point of plugging if my plug gets pushed off the main page within seconds?
Blog-Plug worked fine before, now it wont let me promote?
How do I to start playing the promo game?
I do not see an appropriate category for my blog, where should I plug it?
How do I get on Top Promoters?
How do I get on Dedicated Pluggers?
How do I make my text bold?
How do I get a gold star by my name?
What is the spotlight?
I have updated my tumblr portrait but it hasn't updated on
I found a bug on what should I do?
Can I pay to be on top promoters or any other part of the site?
Why don't many people visit my blog from

Blog-Plug V2 coming soon.

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