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Welcome to, Below is how you can get on Dedicated Pluggers.

How does Dedicated Pluggers work?

It's very easy to get on Dedicated Pluggers. All you need to do is plug your Tumblr URL and visit Tumblr blogs from this site. Dedicated Pluggers works on a points system, For more information on how the points work is below. You must have cookies enabled on your browser. Click here to test if you have cookies enabled.

How does the points system work for Dedicated Pluggers?

  • Plug your blog = 1 Point
  • Visit other blogs on here = 2 points

  • If you stay inactive for a long time on Tumblrplug your points will reset. This gives everyone a better chance to get to the number one spot. If you are currently on the "Current Top Promoters Top 5 list", you will not lose points, but you won't gain any until you fall off the top 5.

    Features of being on Dedicated Pluggers?

  • Be seen all over the site, in return you'll get more followers.
  • Much more to come!
  • Why can't I see how many points I currently have for Dedicated Pluggers?

    Previously, I enabled users to see how many points they had, as well as how many they needed to become number one. Users started abusing this information and would use it to their advantage to stay ahead, this seemed unfair. I will find a way in the future to show how many points you have and much more!

    Blog-Plug V2 coming soon.

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