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Welcome to, Below is how you can add your tumblr to top promoters.

How does top promoters work?

Top promoters allows Tumblr owners to link to and be seen on this site without even having to plug your URL. The way top promoters works, is when you have your followers click the link on your Tumblr (Not dashboard), it will give you one credit for that referral. As long as the person (or people) you refer stay active on tumblrplug, your credits will stay active. Once a user leaves, you will lose that one credit for that one person. The more credits (referrals) you have, the higher you go up on the list. If you don't make it high up on the list and/or fall off the list, don't worry, depending on your tumblr traffic you will get right back up there.

Why do I lose credits?

Everyone that uses top promoters will lose credits, famous or not. The whole idea behind removing credits is to prevent old users clogging up the site when it's very busy and also to give everyone a better chance of getting higher on the Top Promoters list. It is currently working very well this way. At this time, it's the best soloution when there are often 1000 - 5000 users online at any given time.

Features of being a top promoter?

  • Be seen all over the site, in return get more followers.
  • Support the site as it supports you!
  • Your text will become bold when one active person you referred is on tumblrplug and active.
  • If you are on the top 20 promoters in the past 24 list you will get a gold star by your name.
  • Much more to come!

    Where do I start?

    You can create your own link and link it to or use the one below.
    Simply copy and paste the link in to your description box on your tumblr.
    No need to get a fancy code as we will track your URL even if you change it.

    We support both types of domains a regular domain like
    and custom tumblr domains like

    Blog-Plug will never message you on your tumblr.
    If someone tells you a strange reason to remove this link iqnore it they want to be #1

  • Blog-Plug V2 coming soon.

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